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AHA liposomes

Fruit Acids which are chemically speaking part of the group of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, nowadays known in the abbreviated form AHAs, have been used in cosmetics for centuries. However, only more recent developments in cosmetics show how they work in principle. AHAs produce, depending on concentration, a mild or a strong peeling of the skin and, by stimulation of lower skin layers, a faster regeneration of the skin. Unfortunately this effectiveness is coupled with a high potential to irritate. We employ the skin friendly saline form of malic acid, a fruit acid which also plays an important part in the normal skin metabolism. In order to make it available for the skin and to enable it to become effective, it has been encased in liposomes from soy lecithin. Clinical studies prove the outstanding effectiveness of AHA liposomes: increases in skin moisture by about 35%, skin firming by about 25% and number of wrinkles reduced by about 7%. AHA liposomes: The AHA's enhanced principle of effect with physiological skin pH without irritation.

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