Pro Lift Serum

For a visible firming effect.

For a visible firming effect — the complexion appears smoother and more refined. The serum deep moisturizes and plumps fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its concentrated bio-hyaloronic acid.  Muscle relaxant Paracress counteracts fine skin creases with the amino acid GABA. GABA promotes the sich's synthesis of hyaloronic acid and the Formation of new collagen. Liposomes efficiently transport the active ingredients into the skin and argan oil makes it smooth to the touch. The apricot colored pigment provides youthful freshness and conceals fine lines.

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Exclusively for cosmetic institutes




Apply morning and night alter cleansing and massage in thoroughly. Then apply Pro Lift Day Cream or Night Cream. Please note: Do not apply on irritated skin. A temporary tingling is the sign of its effectiveness. If the tingling lasts and becomes unpleasant, stop using the product.

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