For impeccable body and face epilation. Silky skin in every season.

For impeccable body and face epilation. All the hairs attached to the wax are removed at the root when the epilationwax is pulled off the skin. The hair follicles remain undamaged. No more hair stubble from shaving.

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Place the jar over a pot of hot water to soften the wax. Remove all traces of cream from the area to be treated and apply talcum powder if possible. Using a spatula, spread the softened wax on evenly in thin strips. After a few seconds,

when the wax is still soft but not sticky, pull it off in the opposite direction in which the hair grows.

This wax is not intended for use under the arms!

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  • RRP: 10,50 €
  • Container Size: 60 g
  • Packing: Pot
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